Making Quality and Affordable Designs Available to Everyone with DesignMatchup

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

About three years ago, Spacefinish started from the need to provide a world-class, productive work environment for people working out of the Google office in Lagos, Nigeria. From there, what began as a passion project has gone on to become a business that has impacted thousands of lives by reimagining workspaces to be more productive, innovative, and collaborative for the likes of Google, Facebook, DHL, PwC, Andela and many more. Despite this significant impact within a short period, we are not oblivious to the fact that we haven’t been able to work with everyone who wanted to work with us. To achieve excellent quality in the jobs we have done, we have had to say no to a lot of other jobs. In 2019 alone, we couldn’t work with over 100 StartUps and SMEs who reached out to us.

As a company, our vision has evolved over the years to designing and building a better world for all humans to live and work. It has become our focus to make quality and affordable design solutions accessible to more businesses, especially for those that cannot afford the premium, enterprise solution of Spacefinish.

We are pleased to introduce DesignMatchup, a product of Spacefinish. Designmatchup provides access to a community of certified, Spacefinish-vetted architects and builders who work with smaller-scaled startups and SMEs in creating professional designs and renovation solutions for their projects at an affordable price. We have a thorough selection process that ensures we choose the best of the best freelancers to join our community. Our process is so rigorous that we have had less than 0.5% acceptance rate due to our high qualifying criteria.

How Does DesignMatchup Work?

  • DesignMatchup is a web-based platform. As a client, you start by providing details about your projects here. Based on the information you provide, we send a cost estimate to your inbox within minutes.

  • You can then book a virtual consultation to discuss with your assigned project manager.

  • We then match you with a talented designer and provide you with a dashboard where you'll receive design submissions and where you can share feedback.

  • Once you have approved a design, your space will be built without interruptions by a vetted builder from the Spacefinish network.

It is that easy.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of DesignMatchup?

  • Instant Cost Estimates Allow You To Decide On Your Project Faster:

With Designmatchup, you no longer have to wait for weeks to get your estimate. Our proprietary technology brings you standardized, easy-to-understand cost estimates almost immediately, thereby helping you decide quickly.

  • Spend Less Time Managing Contractors:

With a centralized dashboard that automatically tracks the progress of your project and a dedicated project manager, you do not have to worry about managing contractors yourself.

  • Pay Less For The Best:

Designmatchup affords you access to more innovative and creative design solutions at an affordable price

How Do You Know If DesignMatchup Is Right For Your Company?

Here’s how to know if Designmatchup will be an ideal choice for your project:

  • You are comfortable managing your project yourself through an easy-to-use online dashboard.

  • You are ready to take your first step into creating your space, and would instead prioritize affordability using standardized specifications and designs versus customized architectural experience.

  • You are okay not working directly with Spacefinish, but would instead prioritize affordability and work with our community of freelancers (trained and vetted architects, engineers, builders).

DesignMatchup Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between Designmatchup and Spacefinish options?

We created DesignMatchup to give you a product that will provide value for your money. To make it more affordable for clients, you won’t get the same services as Spacefinish. E.g., a limited number of reviews per stage, No physical meetings, all done through videoconference or phone calls, scheduled meetings for questions or feedback.

  • How do you ensure the quality of work on DesignMatchup?

We assign a PM to work with you through the project lifetime and ensure the designs from the freelancers meet our standards. We also only release milestone payments to the designers based on the client’s approval of deliverables.

  • What is the typical timeline?

Completion of the design phase typically takes 6 to 10 weeks on average. It’s usually faster when clients provide prompt feedback or approval. For construction, our partner builders will provide time options, and we work with them to optimize and streamline the timeline.

  • Does the Design Matchup team execute the Fit-Out process?

No. After the design is complete and approved. Our partner builders join the process by costing what it will take to do the work and timeline. They will then share it with clients giving them options to pick the builder they want to work with at a competitive price.

  • Am I still working with Spacefinish by using DesignMatchup?

No, you are not working with the Spacefinish team. But you will be working with vetted, highly trained professionals. Some of the different products and different tier and won’t get the same services that Spacefinish clients get.

  • Who are the builders who will execute my project?

We have strongly vetted partner builders. And we make sure they have insurance, registration and the necessary certifications in good standing before they can work on any job with us. They have demonstrated the ability to do Fit-Outs with many years of experience.

  • How has COVID impacted the way you work?

It has had no impact during the design process. And our projects have continued and, in some cases, have gone faster since we are an online-based tool with virtual communication. Our work has continued seamlessly. For the Fit-Out phase, we have required updated Health and Safety plans from all of our partners, sanitization stations, temperature checks, social distancing, and coordinated site visits for our clients with limited people on-site to promote safety.