Spacefinish is a design company. We are reimagining spaces to improve your quality of life. 

Our clients include global industry leaders such as 

From Fortune 500s to Startups, Spacefinish provides design solutions to meet your business needs 

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Why workspaces?

Our first step to improve your quality of life is to start with the areas that have the biggest impact on your daily routine. Today people spend about 80% of their time at work. At Spacefinish we believe we can create better work environments that improve your business and way of life.

By taking a human-centered approach to design we are able to prioritize research and insight gathering into how people work, play, and collaborate, thereby allowing us to turn those insights into innovative design solutions that help you achieve higher levels of excellence in your respective field.  


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At Spacefinish we design workspaces that inspire your team to be more





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