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Financial Services, Art x Brand

Launching a new service line for PwC

PwC aimed to transition into developing technology solutions for clients.

PwC required an environment conducive to co-creation with industry players and attractive to top talent.

Size: 600 square meter

Completion Date: 2019

Scope: Design Build

Creating a space that showcases PwC’s solutions.

The Demo Lab was designed for visitors to experience PwC’s innovative solutions in action. We included an enclosed Augmented Reality room designed to give the best Augmented Reality experience and custom-designed QR code functionality engraved in the floors, where visitors can trigger to get a digital experience via their Augmented Reality headgear.

Universal languages

One of the innovative feats to come out of Africa is the ideographic script Nsibidi, comprising of nearly a thousand symbols, Nsibidi originated from Southeastern Nigeria and was used as a means to effectively communicate the human condition across ethnicities. We modified the Nsibidi script and created a sister script called Nwabidi (meaning the offspring of Bidi). This script can be found around the Experience Centre used to express some of PwC’s work ethics such as “work together” and “act with integrity”.

Tailoring the space to how PwC works.

Insights gained from our qualitative and quantitative research with PwC showed that their preferred way of working is together. To encourage this, we designed the Infinity Workstations which is a continuous stretch of workstation surface with no divider barriers.

"Spacefinish understood our vision for the space from the start and they were able to bring it to life flawlessly. We have no hesitation in recommending Spacefinish to others."

Senior consultant. PWC

Spacefinish is at the forefront of designing spaces that support hybrid work modes.

If you're thinking about designing a future-proofed workplace, Spacefinish is here to help.

PwC Experience Centre, Lagos: The Making

Find out what the Spacefinish team was thinking when we designed the afro futuristic PwC Experience Centre in Lagos

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