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We believe in the power of art to create a more inspiring world.

We are focused on creating a future where art and creativity are an enriching part of your workspace experience. From Fortune 100 companies to growing startups, our art experts provide leaseable and commissioned art installations that transform your office.   


An Art service that works for your business

Local Artwork

In partnership with local artists across the country, our team can source local artwork that reflects your company's style no matter where you are located.

Turnkey service

We handle everything – from curation to installation and even commissioning – freeing you to be involved as much (or as little) as you like. 

Dynamic rotation

Elevate the brand perception of your space by rotating artwork at the frequency of your choosing. Create an office experience that’s as dynamic as the people who work there.

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Flexible art programming

Spacefinish Art offers three models to deliver superior pricing and service flexibility. Lease, purchase and hybrid. We will install a collection of original, professionally-curated art in your office. After six months, a new collection will be installed and the old one removed. Keep the pieces you like for as long as you want.

1. Lease & Rotation

Make art an experience by rotating your collection at the frequency of your choosing. Rotational programs ensure your space stays fresh and dynamic.

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Find out how our art service can work for you? 

Connect with a Spacefinish Art Advisor today to schedule a consultation or request a customized quote.

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