Spacefinish: Creating Impacts One Airport At A Time

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is on a mission to redefine the experience of travelers passing through its international airports across the country, starting with Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos. In 2019, FAAN commissioned Spacefinish to help design and fit-out both the Port Harcourt and Lagos international airports. And as a testament to our vision to build a better world for all humans to live and work in, Spacefinish took this challenge to step outside the design of workspaces to venture into this new vertical, which presents the opportunity of our solutions impacting more people. We started with the Port Harcourt International Airport.

Airports are sometimes the first and last points of contact for travelers and we wanted the Port Harcourt airport to have a lasting impression on all users of the space by incorporating designs that highlight the local culture and various aspects of the lives of the people of Rivers State where the airport is situated.

Creating an Enabling Opportunity For Talents To Thrive

Our mission at Spacefinish is to organize and empower talents to design and build impactful solutions for businesses and people all over the world. Spacefinish runs an artist-in-residence program that serves as a springboard for talented artists to showcase their works to larger audiences for exposure. Through our Artist-in-Residence program, we launched a nationwide call for talented artists to work with our design team to bring to life one of the largest art installations in Nigeria - The Floating Fisherman.

We worked with AdeOdunfaArts, an artist whose work consists of the prominent From Ebute art - a 30ft tall installation of indigenous life-size wooden canoes made in fiberglass installed on Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Lagos State.

The Floating Fisherman is an installation that was originally conceptualized by Page Tsewinor, a designer at Spacefinish.The art installation is suspended 20ft in the air featuring over 700 canoe paddles, 3 lifesize boats, a 9ft fisherman casting a fishing net the size of a volleyball court, and a school of fishes swimming with a 20ft silver shark. The installation mirrors real sea life and it is an allusion to a favorite pastime of Riverians which is fishing.

How Do We Tell Rich, Edifying Stories of Port Harcourt to Visitors? This and many more questions were what Michael, a designer at Spacefinish tried to answer with his Garden City-themed murals.

"Port Harcourt is a beautiful city that has had its share of negative media attention due to the presence of oil and the resulting environmental challenges this poses. So I thought of ways to bring together different iconic parts of the city to create a unifying theme of the Garden City which Port Harcourt has always been called. There you'll see the Mile One market with its colorful umbrellas, the people of Port Harcourt with their resplendent attires, and the greenery of the land, all reemphasizing PH as the Garden City." - Michael.

According to Michael, the Fish-Woman mural celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of Rivers State. Rivers State has over 10 ethnic groups that have co-existed peacefully for centuries, sharing a common interest in fishing as a favorite pastime. This mural at the Departure Lounge pays homage to this inherent reality.

The Towering Boat, an exaggerated sized boat celebrates a lifestyle predominant in Rivers State. The boat also serves as a thoroughfare in the Departure terminal of the airport, and also a temporary seating area with movable furniture provided around its perimeter.

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