Venture Garden Group, a leading technology company partnered with Spacefinish to design their tech campus Vibranium Valley, located at the twenty year old abandoned Concord Printing Press. With over 2500 square meters of warehouse grounds to play with, the team at Spacefinish was able to create a dynamic workspace that met the diverse work styles of over 300 employees. Allowing them to mould the space to support the way they communicate, collaborate, and play.

Dynamic spaces that drive productivity. The stairs to the sky lounge form part of an integrated auditorium and casual working space made up of tiered bleacher seating. This provides an ideal space for team presentations and meetings while also acting as an informal working space. To ensure that productivity is maintained, the design team included micro efficiencies such as power stations into the bleacher seatings.

How we created a locally relevant narrative​. The design team worked with talented local artists to create original artworks that reflected Venture Garden Group's narrative. This can be seen in meeting room walls that reflect a journey through time, touching on cultural references from the old, the present, and the future, to thirty feet wall murals that depict African typography. With this approach our designers were able to simulate a world class office space within a local context. 

The concept of regeneration. At Spacefinish we search for beauty and inspiration in areas where others disregard. In a region where recycling is still nascent, the design team identified items such as shipping containers and truck cabins that had been scraped as they had reached the end of their product life cycle, and then engineered ways to bring these items back to life by giving them a second chance at being functional in a vibrant office space.

How we made an open office plan feel private. Venture Garden Group wanted an office space that was open plan, but still afforded their staff enough privacy. To achieve this the team introduced dynamic design elements such as pods on wheels that can serve as workspaces but can also be carted away from noisy areas at the users discretion. To address visual distraction, furniture with peripheral blinders where created, and designing across varying levels of vertical spaces was implemented.