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  • Invoice Issuance and Payment.

    • Except as specifically stated in the Offer Letter, Vendor will be responsible for all costs it incurs in connection with providing the Services, including Personnel's expenses.

    • Spacefinish will pay any undisputed portion of an invoice for accepted Products or Services within 30 business days following the later of: (1) delivery of the Products or completion of Services, or (2) receipt of a correct invoice by Spacefinish's accounts payable department. Correct invoices must include Tax number, complete bill-to address, Product part numbers and quantities, description of Products or Services, unit prices, applicable tax or other charges, and extended totals.

    • Spacefinish is not obligated to pay any invoice submitted 180 days or more after a Product is shipped or Services are completed.

  • Vendor will invoice Spacefinish upon Spacefinish's acceptance of the Products and Services by submitting invoices to

  • Invoice Disputes. If Spacefinish initiates an invoice dispute, Spacefinish will include a written description of the disputed portion of the invoice. Upon Spacefinish's request, Vendor will issue separate invoices for undisputed and disputed amounts. Payment of undisputed amounts will not limit Spacefinish's right to object and refuse payment of disputed amounts.

  • Taxes.

    1. Invoicing, Payment and Withholding. Prices do not include any applicable Taxes. Spacefinish will pay itemised, correctly-stated Taxes for applicable Products or Services, unless Spacefinish provides Supplier with a valid Tax exemption certificate. If legally required, Spacefinish will withhold Taxes from its payments to Supplier and provide a withholding Tax certificate.

    2. VAT. Spacefinish will only be required to pay value-added tax or goods and services tax on receipt of a valid value-added tax or goods and services tax invoice that meets all of the relevant tax authority's requirements (to allow Spacefinish to obtain relief from such tax if such relief procedure is available).

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