Renmoney, a leading fin-tech company chose to relocate to a bigger office space to meet their fast growing team of +200 employees. The relocation presented a unique opportunity for the company to redefine it's workspace culture. Together with Renmoney, we built an office space designed for heightened levels of productivity and deep collaboration among team members. 

How we designed a public retail bank inside a corporate office. The design team took a human centred approach to engineer the user experience for visitors. To achieve this they created an atrium space in the reception to give a feeling of openness which as line with Renmoney's brand identity. The circulation flow of visitors through the space was also carefully designed to optimize turn over rate per visitor to the bank, as a result improving overall operational efficiency and reducing waiting time per visitor. 

Influencing behavior change through design.  At Spacefinish we understand how design can shape or influence human behavior. Through research, the design team successfully surfaced insights into how Renmoney employees worked, collaborated and communicated. In turn, these insights informed our design decisions to develop new product categories such as mobile writable trolleys, which enabled more flexible and spontaneous brainstorming opportunities employees.  



Bold ideas that redefine the workspace. Renmoney was looking to build a workspace that strongly communicated it's values such as "forward momentum". The life size train converted into a workspace was designed to represent the forward  momentum of a locomotive, which is in line with Renmoney’s dedication to continue to move the financial sector forward.