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Union Bank

Financial Services, Art x Brand

Realigning the Union Bank brand with the Fintech ecosystem

Union Bank wanted to tap into the fintech ecosystem by changing their perception as a generational financial institution. The company aimed to leverage the creation of an innovation lab for strategic product innovation and revenue-driven outcomes.

Size: 2,000 square meter

Completion Date: 2022

Scope: Design Build


Inspired by the series "Battlestar Galactica". A spaceship sent out to seek new frontiers for the human race. The design emulated the shape of that spaceship.

Galactica creates the right environment to support hybrid work modes. Our Zoom video conferencing systems pre-installed, allows for seamless collaboration between physical, hybrid, and remote teams.

The Vault

We converted a vault into a conference room! Fully equipped with soundproof walls to keep the information shared in this room as safe as the money kept in the Bank. Also, we showcased security features in the design such as thumbprint access, as well as a vault lock.

8 mm Film

This room is named the "8 mm film" because it was designed to celebrate the influence of media throughout the bank's history. Drawing from the time travel theme of this project, what better way to pay home to media than the 8 mm film!

The rotatory circle design on the walls of the room emulates tape being rolled out of a film. Whilst the guest is seated like an audience in a theatre.

"Spacefinish did a great job designing our office space. At first, I wasn't sure of the value given the large budget, but after seeing the finished space, I completely understand. We're happy with the results."

Emeka G Okonkwo, Managing Director, Union Bank

Bringing Furniture and Food Together

As employees return to the office post-pandemic we are looking at the Future of Work very differently. Our research shows that there should be great harmony between space, food, and technology.

Instead of the typical pre-pandemic cafe model, Spacefinish is designing micro food experiences like this throughout the entire facility to bring more of a local, neighborhood feel to the overall experience.

Spacefinish is at the forefront of designing spaces that support hybrid work modes.

If you're thinking about designing a future-proofed workplace, Spacefinish is here to help.

Tour Nigeria's Largest Innovation Lab

Union Bank one of Africa's oldest banking institutions called us to create an innovative center that will foster partnership and collaboration with Fintech companies. Knowing that the Bank has time-traveled with its stakeholder and is still strong to date, after 105 years of existence. We created a space that showcased heritage. The space is Futuristic and Magical.

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