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Google Office


Designing Google's first office in Africa

Google is known to have the most innovative and creative work spaces in the world. So we knew we had our work cut out for us when we began designing the Google office in Nigeria. It was important for us to create a space that was locally relevant and empowered employees to be more productive.

Size: 300 square meter

Completion Date: 2016

Scope: Interior Design

How we made Google local.

A Mud Hut meeting room with materials such as mud, hay, and rafia mat used on the walls | An Okada work station that provides an alternate work space where employees can literally ride an Okada while crunching away on their laptops |​ A Keke Napep meeting room that provides an alternate work space, where up to 3 employees can sit in while they work or just hangout | Original artworks from local artists, such as Biodun Omolayo that show case the hustle and bustle of Africa's largest city, Lagos.

Designing Google's first office in Africa

"They took the time to understand our needs and designed a space that was Googley."

Product Marketing Manager. Google

Spacefinish is at the forefront of designing spaces that support hybrid work modes.

If you're thinking about designing a future-proofed workplace, Spacefinish is here to help.

African Voices, CNN, Remi Dada

CNN features Spacefinish on African Voices. Highlighting the design company's impact across Africa, as spearheaded by its CEO/Founder Remi Dada.

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