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Facebook (Meta)


Achieving sustainable design standards during a pandemic

Global technology firm, Facebook, worked with Spacefinish to design and build its first workspace in Nigeria.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Spacefinish leveraged technology to create a dynamic space that meets the needs of our clients. Fitted with necessary audio visual equipments, network connectivity, and acoustical elements, the Facebook Office facilitates both in space and virtual engagements with team members and partners across the world.

Size: 1,000 square meter

Completion Date: 2021

Scope: Project Management + Interior Design

Localizing global standards

First, as the lead project management firm we consulted with our team of architects, engineers, and contractors to get their input on the project. Localizing Facebook's Global Standards with Designs that reflect their people-oriented culture and emphasize transparency and collaboration was important to us. By thinking outside the box, we were able to design an office space that would meet all of Facebook's needs and be able to withstand the rigors of future growth.

Designing for the future of work

We aligned our design with the future of how people work as they return to the office. We took into account factors like social distancing and flexible workspace solutions so that Facebook would be prepared for whatever comes next.

Virtual reality solutions that foster remote collaboration

We executed the project in the middle of the pandemic. This meant that we had to rely on working remotely, but it also meant that we had to deploy virtual reality technology to keep the Facebook team informed throughout the entire process. Using tools like Holobuilder, we were able to give their team a VR experience that allowed them to be "onsite with us", even though they were hundreds of miles away across the world.

"The team at Spacefinish did a great job designing our new office. This is impressive given that it was delivered mid pandemic."

Client Rep. Meta

Spacefinish is at the forefront of designing spaces that support hybrid work modes.

If you're thinking about designing a future-proofed workplace, Spacefinish is here to help.

African Voices, CNN, Remi Dada

CNN features Spacefinish on African Voices. Highlighting the design company's impact across Africa, as spearheaded by its CEO/Founder Remi Dada.

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