Global technology firm, Google, reached out to work with Spacefinish in creating a world-class space for its first-ever innovation hub in Africa, Google Developer Space.


In designing this space, we focused on communicating the journey of technological advances throughout the history of Africa. Our goal with the design of the space is to inspire entrepreneurs across the continent by portraying the African technology story. 

A Space That Inspires Innovation.  The Parametric Tube is strategically located at the entrance to inspire and incite creativity and innovation in the mind of users as they are ushered into the space. Parametric Equations represent the ability to connect the dots; a significant aspect in the process of ideation and innovation.

High Hopes For The Future of Africa

The Light Box, a floating structure is a standout feature inspiring startups to think outside the box. It is elevated to reflect the high hopes for the future of Africa.    


Addis, a work cafe that rejuvenates. 

Drawing inspiration from the discovery of coffee as an energizer in Ethiopia, we introduced coffee beans glued inside table tops with protective glass covering. To represent where it all began and how intentional steps taken in ideation can become a global phenomenon, we also incorporated a backlit map of Africa in the space.

Portraying technology as the driving force of e-commerce. 

The idea for the training room is to highlight the relationship between mobile technology and ecommerce. We introduced the motherboard wall, and because training rooms require great acoustics, adequate insulations in the panels and ceilings were incorporated 

Alternate workspaces that inspire productivity 

Insights gained from our qualitative and quantitative research with Google indicate that dynamism and flexibility in their workspace will enhance productivity. To encourage this, we designed movable pods that spell IDEAS which can easily be moved around when not in use. We also introduced dynamic and wellness-inclined seatings.

Googler's Space 

Designed to reflect the African growing fintech industry, the googler's space pays homage to the cashless systems by integrating elements that represents such functionality.

The lounge was designed to portray colonial influence in African financial transactions. We made use of metallic coins to achieve a modern look while not losing touch of the past.


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