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Fit-outs and construction delivered on time and within budget.

Spacefinish Build provides both fit-outs and new build construction services. Through our expertise, we leverage state-of-the-art technology to ensure premium build quality across all our projects.

With over 30,000 Sqm built, Spacefinish brings the most imaginative ideas to reality

Stakeholder management

Our stakeholder management process is optimized for coordinating multiple client stakeholders in your company across different functions, and locations. To achieve this we develop a clear communication plan. Adding a personal touch by taking the time to know our key stakeholder's personal preferences and how best and when to communicate ensures our project remains successful. 

Delivering to schedule

Adopting an agile methodology by breaking the project into multiple phases, we optimize for flexibility. In addition, knowing the supply chain ahead of time, identifying markets that need special attention, and completing critical submittals and shop drawings early are key levers that guarantee our successful delivery schedule.  

Team integration

Construction is a people business requiring coordination amongst various teams and ways of working, We address the integration challenge by leveraging collaboration software, and knowing when to prioritize face-to-face working sessions. Our goal is to arrive at optimal teamwork. 

Concept designs built to specification

Combine our design and build to enjoy turnkey projects

Merging the best Spacefinish Design and Spacefinish Build has to offer unlocks immense value in turnkey projects. Turnkey is a smart choice that saves time, money, and creates clear accountability.

Benefits of turnkey

Save on cost

One point of contact

Save on time

Improved quality

Case Studies

Over the years we’ve worked with visionary leaders and fearless entrepreneurs across industries and sectors, including yours.

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