Your Guide to Using Workplace Design to Encourage Community Building

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

The need to feel connected is inherent in every human and this is no different in the workplace. People like to feel part of something greater than themselves and an office that encourages community building will have more motivated employees than an office that doesn’t prioritize team building.

A workplace community involves a sense of belonging, friendship, shared ideas and mutual support. Community building in the workplace rarely happens by accident; there has to be a conscious effort of making it happen either through workplace design, team building or better yet, a combination of both activities.

If you're looking to use workplace design to encourage team building in the office, here are a few spaces to include:

An open work area

An open work area includes benefits such as increased collaboration and relationship-building interactions among employees. However, it is important to balance open work areas with private alternate work areas so employees can move from collaborative work to single focused work when the need arises.