Spacefinish: We’re Exploring a New World For Ourselves

Updated: Nov 22

Change is constant, so they say, and we’re taking it quite literally as we explore a new world for ourselves. Hybrid work has changed everything and people have new expectations for their workspace. To keep up with the ever-changing environment we must create places that help people live and work better.

At Spacefinish, over the years we have focused on providing workspace solutions with the consideration for contemporary-inspired working areas. However, we realized some of the bottlenecks that clients face most times result in limited space that would solve their footprint needs - and this impacts other stages of both the design and fit-out phases based on the actuality of the building structure. With this data from our previous projects and client relations, we began to ask ourselves the big question, how can we solve each client’s unique workspace problem?

We're delighted to announce that we are expanding our services beyond design and fit-outs. We are providing more businesses with different service offerings such as New Build & Construction; Office Art Installation and fully furnished Office Headquarters tailored for every business's need.

Fit-Outs and Construction

One of our new essence is to help you build out new concepts geared toward catering to your specific office needs from start to finish. If you need to discover a new office space and build your appropriate office, Spacefinish can help you maximize your footprint by managing your project and conceptualizing your entire space with the most imaginative ideas both interior and exterior, whether it's a 1,000-square-foot or 400-square meters space.

We strongly believe everyone possesses a unique taste, so it doesn’t matter what concept you’re looking to achieve, we are stretching ourselves to help you get it done. Using our expertise and pool of vendors, we ensure that the construction of every one of our projects is of the highest caliber.