Spacefinish Unveils New Innovative Office Space for Renmoney

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

From a train converted into an alternative workspace to beautiful lights dangling from the ceiling, Spacefinish stays true to their vision to improve lives by creating offices that drive innovation, collaboration and productivity.


December 10 , 2018, Lagos: Renmoney recently announced that it had partnered with design firm Spacefinish to design its new Headquarters and flagship sales branch. The new office space is themed around enabling productivity as well as better collaboration among Renmoney employees.

"It's amazing to see companies pay attention to their office spaces, this makes me very happy. Over the past year we’ve been able to build some iconic office spaces for some of the most innovative global companies coming into Africa. Our big challenge each time is making sure we deliver a space that is different and innovative, something that hasn't been seen before, and I think we did that with Renmoney” says Spacefinish CEO, Remi Dada

By researching how employees at Renmoney worked and communicated, Spacefinish was able to create a space that was tailored to meet both employees and clients needs. The life size train converted into a workspace was designed to represent the momentum of a locomotive, which is in line with Renmoney’s dedication to continue to move the financial sector forward.

On the ingenuity of the space, Dada adds that

“The Renmoney HQ is our most innovative workspace yet, designed to drive heightened levels of productivity for the Renmoney team, and inspire them to be more innovative. My favourite feature is the Renmoney Train. We’ve made the booth seats in the train so comfortable you’ll want to ride in it!".