Spacefinish: How We are Inspiring the Next Era of Tech Innovations

Inspiring the Next Era of Tech Innovations in Nigeria

What comes to your mind when you think about the future of work? For some, it means flexibility; the idea of being able to work from anywhere or from their desk at home. And for many others who prefer physical collaboration with like-minds, it means being in a transformational, well-designed workspace.

Traditional Banks have not quite been known for disruption. But Union bank decided to take a bold step with us when they decided to create an innovation lab nested at its Head Office at Marina, Lagos. To encourage the burgeoning growth of Nigeria’s tech sector, we helped the leading financial institution, Union Bank design its technological and innovation hub known as SpaceNXT.

The beauty of what we do at Spacefinish relies heavily on our expertise and research on human behaviors in a space.

Our Design Thinking

Upon getting the approval of our conceptual proposal, we were excited at the opportunity to create a space that was better than what we had imagined. The canvas we had to work with was a 2,000-square-meter space.

The goal was to create an exquisite, adaptable, care-minded workspace, for the tech community that could evolve with us over the years while fostering collaboration and inspiring innovation. We set out to not just solve for the future ways of hybrid work, but also create a place that continues to exert an active influence on our creative thinking.

We implemented references from the bank’s brand story and intertwined them with futuristic instances, which we tried to meld into something that feels not only cohesive but new.

The Beauty of The Details: The Futuristic Artwork:

A futuristic rubix cube of the evolution of technology