Interactive Design Elements and How They Amplify your Productivity in the Workspace

Interactive Design Elements and How They Amplify your Productivity in the Workspace

People productivity is one of the driving forces that determine how successful a company would be. It is the evaluation of how much work can be achieved over a period of time or a particular task.

The future of work is changing constantly with more companies adopting hybrid work-mode and rethinking their workspaces. Ensuring that your employee remains productive at all times sometimes relies on how they interact with the space they work in. What does this mean? The use of interactive design elements around the workspace allows employees to be engaged while working to bring the vision of the company to life.

Interestingly, at Spacefinish we ensure that our client's workspaces incorporate interactive elements that fade away static work environments. We’ll show you how interactive design elements can be used in the workspace to drive collaboration between teams.

What are Interactive Elements at a Workspace?

Interactive elements are usually whatever a user can interact with in a workspace. They turn uninterested or passive users to engage more meaningfully with a particular activity or function. Interactive design elements in the workplace could be tangible and intangible constituents that boost the workflow rate.

For an interactive workspace to exist there has to be the notion of interactive interior design. Interactive interior design refers to the development of interactive elements within the built space. Sometimes, it is the use of new technology such as augmented reality, touch screens, sensor-driven lighting, and more.

A designed facade that shows use of interactive design elements in the space.
Building a facade with an interactive QR Code.

We proposed a façade building to suit one of our clients' brand statements. Designed to represent a tech-driven space, that is bold, and elegant, engaging users with the use of interactive and dynamic QR codes while in-premise. With our proposed facade, our client is able to engage customers through its digital channels like websites, ads, et