How Spacefinish is working with Steelcase to provide hybrid work solutions for African businesses.

Updated: Sep 26

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the way we live and work, and its effects are still being felt globally as we return to normalcy. On a global scale, the pandemics' major effect has been felt in how the world views the role of the workplace. While it is important to understand global trends, the question we ask ourselves at Spacefinish is how these disruptions affect us locally across Africa.

In this report, we showcase how we have distilled the workplace disruption felt globally to an African context and answered the pressing question, What is the Future of Work for businesses in Africa?

Spacefinish partnered with Steelcase, an American fortune 500 company and the leading manufacturer of furniture for offices globally. The partnership is part of our expansion strategy, and we believe that Steelcase is the perfect partner to help us design for growth.

Recently, we had the opportunity to put these theories into practice when we were approached by a management consulting firm in Nigeria. The company was looking to reduce its footprint from 2000 SQM to 500 SQM, adopt a hybrid work model, and improve overall team productivity.

The Spacefinish and Steelcase team performed a discovery exercise for the company, which involved understanding their business needs and objectives. We then created a bespoke solution that incorporated the latest workplace trends and technologies.

From the research conducted we discovered that 66% of people want to work in the office for a majority of the month, whilst 34% of people want to continue working from home.

The result was a more efficient workplace that improved team productivity and communication. The company was also able to reduce its carbon footprint and save on costs associated with traditional office space. Our research also shows that culture is prioritized by employees when deciding on wh