How Spacefinish is Redesigning The Future of Education

Updated: Jul 27

Training academies are an important part of the corporate world. These academies provide access to a rich pool of talent and also equip professionals with the necessary resources to transition into various careers and build their professional networks. In Nigeria, commercial banks have a considerably high number of training academies. In fact, out of the 22 registered commercial banks in the country, 17 have accredited academies.

For a long time, banks’ training institutes have typically functioned around rigidity. From their spatial architecture, learning modes, to furnishings, these spaces hardly allow for flexibility which is a core requirement for the learning space of the future. So when Wema Bank, a leading financial institution reached out to Spacefinish to help build its corporate training academy, we designed and created a state-of-the-art academy that helps its users stay innovative, productive, and easily collaborate.

Promoting Active Learning Through Agile Spaces:

Research has shown that physical, in-person learning is still very much relevant. Hence, the future of physical classrooms is agile. Learning spaces should be flexible and collaborative enough to allow users to learn how and where they want. The Purple Academy is built on the principles that users need both open and collaborative time with co-users as well as quiet, more private areas to individually focus and execute projects. We introduced dynamic modular furniture that offers endless configurations to accommodate organic collaboration, peer-to-peer interaction, and inspiring learning environments.

A Dynamic Library. As learning spaces and styles evolve, so has the way people access resources. The modern library builds upon the functions and capabilities of traditional libraries by leveraging technology to provide access to limitless resources. We designed the library in the Purple Academy to reflect the influence of technology on libraries by installing tablet-like bookshelves to show how educational materials can now be accessed through digital devices.