3 Major Reasons to Include Greenery in Your Workplace

Various researchers have dedicated resources into discovering the benefits of nature in our day to day lives and by extension, our place of work. The argument is that humans possess an innate desire to connect with nature (also known as biophilia) and as such natural elements should be integrated into every aspect of our workplace - since we spend 80% of our time in the office. The easiest way to do this is through plants and greenery.

Integrating greenery into workplace design is not a new development. Through several conducted research, corporations are becoming increasingly aware that the presence of plants in the workplace can greatly improve employee wellbeing.

Benefits of greenery in the workplace include:

They create a less stressful environment

When we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, professionals often advise we take a moment to breathe and “smell the roses” proving that plants are beneficial to our state of mind. A study by the University of Technology, Sydney found that the presence of plants in the workspace help us relax by reducing tension and anxiety.

Color psychologists also argue that the color green simulates a relaxing mind.

They increase productivity

Building on Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory, researchers found that individuals who came in contact with nature (either physically or visually) became less distracted and better able to perform tasks. Staring at nature - even a picture of it - can cause a shift in our thought process thereby making employees more creative.