Expanding Twitter's Footprint One Office at a Time.

Updated: Jul 28

We are excited to announce that Spacefinish has officially partnered with Twitter on their African expansion strategy. This is a journey that began in November 2019, when our CEO, Remi Dada hosted Jack Dorsey for a tour of the Andela office. Dorsey was impressed by our work and the rest is history!

Twitter has been a major force in connecting people across the globe and we are excited to help them expand their footprint in Africa. The future of work is changing and Twitter is at the forefront of this change, so it’s no surprise that they have chosen Spacefinish to help build their new office space.


As we design the Twitter office space in Ghana, we are keeping in mind the need to be original and true to our African roots. Our rich history and heritage provide a wealth of inspiration, and we are working hard to ensure that our Spacefinish touch brings all these concepts to life.

The future of work is something that's been on everyone's mind lately. With rapid changes in technology and the way we do business, it's no wonder that the workplace is evolving faster than ever before. One of the biggest trends we're seeing is the move towards hybrid working arrangements. For Twitter, as they expand across Africa, this shift presents both challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, they need to ensure that their employees have the right tools and support to be productive when working from home. On the other hand, they need to design their office spaces to accommodate collaboration and community building. The good news is that Twitter will be working with our dedicated researchers at Spacefinish. By leveraging our insights, we will create a future-proof workplace that meets the needs of Twitter's employees and supports their growth strategy.

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