Andela, was an exciting project for us at Spacefinish. It was also relatable, because as a fellow startup who empowers other startups by bringing Silicon Valley office standards to Africa, we understood the importance of creating a space that truly inspired innovation and collaboration amongst Andela developers.

How we soundproofed an open floor plan. Ever seen a developer wearing headphones to drown out the background noise to allow them focus? With 300+ developers housed under one roof, sound proofing was critical for this project. To address this we installed sufficient sound absorbing materials and created over 20 soundproof meeting spaces.


A whiteboard at every corner. No developer is more than 15 feet away from a writing surface. To achieve this we constructed laminated glass infused with frosting, not only to act as partition walls but to also act as whiteboards. Our research shows that locating this in the team’s common workspace encourages spontaneous meetings. One developer may start using the board to think through a problem; others may notice and offer to help.


A fisherman's boat for developers. It was important to highlight local cultural nuances in our design. One of these was the popular Makoko fihserman's boat made from local wood planks and oak. We designed and built a Makoko boat which also doubled as a couch for employees could sit, nap, or relax in. Now Andela developers don't need to break a single line of code to go out on a boat.